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Our sole mission as an organization is to unite people that are obsessed with motor racing helmets. No longer will you be confused on where to start or what the first steps are. Below you can simply begin by clicking on the region in which you are based and we will begin the process of obtaining your most prized possession.

Simply choose the brand you would like to begin with and we click the region you are based in.

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Safety First

Often times people ask how to get started with choosing a helmet, choosing a painter, and why spend the extra money on brand name versus just having something that gets the job done.

It is our duty at helmet culture to curate and communicate with individuals that this purchase protects your the most important thing in the world. Your Head.

This purchase is not something you should take lightly and is the very reason that we only recommend industry standard homologated racing helmets.


Choosing a painter

Choosing a helmet painter can be tough and again, it is our duty to ensure that we help you make good well thought out investments in your helmet.

Just because a helmet painter is not “highly ranked” on our painter world championship, does not mean they are not of high quality, and vice versa. The results of the PWC are based on community pleasure with design and overall look while not always being able to see quality and execution of the helmet.

It is very important to note that quality painters will go to the highest level of care and detail when handling your new helmet.


Don’t impress anyone

Often times we see drivers trying to shortcut their helmet in hopes of saving costs. If you are on a budget and have a design you like, save up for a longer period of time and send it to a quality painter that you can ensure will take care of the helmet in place.

If you cannot afford a quality painter in your region we recommend to spend the money on your helmet and save up for a longer period of time. The wait and investment in quality painters will always be of value.


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