Arai Helmet GP6 PED M6


The premier composite motor racing helmet of the world.

The GP-6 PED SA2015 helmet is the latest in a long line of famous Arai GP series racing helmets.

This latest range from Arai includes an updated eyeport and shield that have been increased by 5mm on each side to increase the drivers peripheral vision. Also, the upper ventilation now includes three larger 10mm intake vents and two rear exhaust vents that were increased from 7.8mm on the GP-5 to aid in air circulation through the helmet.

Constructed using Arai s proprietary PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminated Construction) the GP-6(PED) is light weight and provides incredible shell strength and flexibility.

The GP-6 uses Arai’s exclusive “PBcLc” or Peripherally Belted Complex Laminated Construction in the shell to provide the ultimate in lightweight, flexibility and strength. This new shell construction in conjunction with the super soft EPS interior liner allow the driver to experience unparalleled comfort and ultimate impact energy management.

The GP-6 PED includes the clear Arai Performance Enhancing Device kit that can be installed as needed to allow maximum aero performance in an open cockpit racecar.

While out of the box the GP-6 PED has an amazing fit it also offers cheek pads that are replaceable with optional sizes to allow for tweaking to the perfect fit.

Key Features:

– The new Arai positive shield lock has been designed as a fundamental part of the helmet to provide a positive lock while maintaining standard operation of the shield.

– The newly designed shield pivot hardware helmet to improve the overall aerodynamics of the helmet.

– Arai has increased the eyeport and shield on the GP-6 by 5mm on each side to aid the drivers peripheral vision.

– The new Arai 6 Series helmets share the same shields, pivot kits, aero devices, tear offs and accessories throughout the range.

– 10mm closeable air intakes and rear vent cowls help to increase airflow throughout the helmet.

– The GP-6 uses the new HANS SAH standard with factory installed M6 terminal internal in the helmet for proper post anchor installation

– The redesigned chin bar and ridge along the lower portion of the helmet are designed to improve the structural integrity of the helmet shell and lower the helmets center of gravity.

– Utilizes the updated SAH standard HANS posts

– FIA 8859-2015 & Snell SA2015 Certification

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