Painter World Championship

Welcome to the official PWC presented by Helmet Culture. Below is all the info you will need to view, compete and enter into our new championship if you are a painter. At helmet Culture constant service and innovation is our mainstay. A display of the world's most talented artists to new corners of the world. All online in one singular place. We hope you enjoy the show.

Painter Entry Information

If you are a painter and would like to join the official Painter World Championship


Files coming soon.

2019 World Championship Standings

This information is compiled from "Helmet of the Month" results 2019.

Let the culture speak.

Each month over hundreds of helmets are open for voting on @helmetculture

Followers from all over the world can vote in our story if a helmet is hot or cold. Come month's end we compile the top 10 helmets in likes and re-classify them 1 through 10 on voting results.

Each painter in the Top 10 will receive points that count toward their year end total.

Full results with points

Points structure

1st Position - 25 Points

2nd Position - 18 Points

3rd Position - 15 Points

4th Position - 12 Points

5th Position - 10 Points

6th Position - 8 Points

7th Position - 6 Points

8th Position - 4 Points

9th Position - 2 Points

10th Position - 1 Point

2019 Helmet 'POY' full Championship

2018 Helmet 'POY' full Championship