Helmet Culture News: Scoring system clarification

Helmet Culture News: Scoring system clarification

Official Helmet Culture news update on the scoring system and how each month’s top ten is created. As per Helmet Culture 2018 and since our inception of Helmet of the Month, we have followed a formula that sits present in our “Instagram highlights” for followers to see.

Every month hundreds of helmets are up on the Instagram account for followers to see and vote on. If a helmet is or post that is shared displays the word “BREAKING” in the caption then the helmet is not up for voting in the story and not eligible for Helmet of the Month. The reason for this is that “BREAKING” news helmets are usually those out of schedule and per Formula 1 drivers new helmets. They will not be up for voting and Helmet of the Month due to there only being a small group of painters producing helmets for the Formula 1 category. Helmet culture also hosts a separate award each year for “Formula 1 Helmet of the Year”.

If a helmet doesn’t have the word “BREAKING” in the description, this indicates that this helmet is eligible for Helmet of the Month come months end. Any helmet that is eligible means that it will be uploaded to our Instagram story and have 24 hours for to be voted on. Once 24 hours is up voting is closed and the score of the helmet will be updated to the original post for the remainder of time.

Once the month is over, Helmet Culture will take the top ten helmets of the month in likes and this creates the “top ten”. The top ten helmets are then reordered in order of their voting results from highest being the winner, all the way down to tenth. The result you seen in our story is the result we will be using for the helmet rating, Instagram’s in house algorithm rounds up voting results on all polls once it is .6 or higher to the next full percentage. Helmet Culture will be using tie breakers to determine the order when two or more helmets finish the month with the same result. Helmet Culture will be using Instagram’s official algorithm of 2 times the sum of 2 plus 1 “2/(2+1)”. This will give us the exact decimal place of each voting result.

This formula exercises both the importance of likes and voting results. A helmet without enough likes simply won’t make the top ten so it is imports to be in the top percentage of helmets. Likes will also never win a helmet the award of Helmet of the Month. This is where the importance of voting results comes in. If a helmet has many likes but did poorly in voting then yes it will be in the top ten, but may only score 1 to 2 points.