Helmet Culture: 2018 Season Awards

Helmet Culture: 2018 Season Awards

Here we are at the end of the inaugural season of Helmet Culture for the first time. As we recap the year and announce the winners of the different championships we want to thank all of the people across the world involved in the culture. We want to thank all the people who share passion for helmets with us and spend their time on our different media channels.

Helmet Culture is pleased to announce and crown the champions below.

Painter of the Year: Rstar Design (Australia)

This is the main championship of Helmet Culture. One in where the season long grind comes through. Consistency matters and shows how hard it is to score points. With multiple variables at any given time and the vote of the people at will it really is incredible what Rstar and the closest competitors have done. To remain this consistent and continuously be able to take client designs to the next level is talent in it’s own. Now we understand that it is a community of people who decide but with about 200 recognized painters this is remains quite the accomplishment. Rstar finishes the season with 2 Helmet of the Month victories and multiple top ten finishes. It came close in the the mis season with extremely strong pushes from heavy weight contenders BS Designs and Censport Design of France and the USA respectively. In the end the closing champion remained Rstar Design who will look to defend their World Championship in 2019.

Helmet of the Year: Ben McMellan – Painted by Rstar Design (Australia)

Helmet of the Month 2018 was a nail biter from day one. With twelve helmets that took victories in their respective months fighting it out for top spot. 11 of the 12 helmets had scored a 90 | rating or above in their month and all looked to make a push once Helmet of the Year came up on opening day. The competition was close the entire way with the early leader in Censport Designs holding up a strong 73 | rating. To put into perspective how difficult it was going to be to win, the Championship leader Rstar Design had their helmet finish with a 56 | rating the same day. Day two showed again how tough it was going to be but still not able to compete with Censport’s helmet for Canadian pilot Kellen Ritter. Three of the next four helmets would go on to tie breakers all finishing with a 65 | rating. The top contender of day two’s voting was New Zealands Mitch Baker Design. Day three is where everything went wild. Argentina’s power combo of painter Nico Affin and national champion pilot Leonel Pernia had a glow in the dark GP6 that stunned up the ranking. With it’s final vote edging Censport with a 76 | rating. This was suddenly unexpected as Nico Affin’s helmet came into the contest as heavy underdogs without scoring a 90 | in their Helmet of the Month victory. Then, things got wild. The two helmets of Rstar Design from December and October commenced their bid. Rstar holding at a 76 rating for 20 of the 24 hour voting period. It was the final few hours that put them just ahead by one percent to take home their second award on Helmet Culture 2018. Five Star Designs had their Helmet of the Month contenders edge Censport for the final podium place and take home a great 2018 respectively.

Follower of the Year: Ben Lyda (USA) @blyda91

Follower of the year is the opportunity that the everyday person has to win an award. This award will take place moving forward within Helmet Culture and is awarded to the follower that is active not only on Instagram but within the culture and community. Ben was not only a follower of Helmet Culture in 2018 but also an activist. Often times our DM is loaded with messages and there’s Ben everyday trying to annoy someone at Helmet Culture graciously haha. Ben also had himself a big year in the culture. A brand new helmet from one of the top American Painters Oktane Visual and even wrote a compelling peice on Voice of the helmet about driver safety in karting. Overall Ben is just obsessed with helmets like the rest of the culture and we congratulate him on being Helmet Culture’s Follower of the Year 2019.

F1 Helmet of the Year: Carlos Sainz (Spain) @carlosainz

Helmet of the Year 2018, Ben McMellan AUS // Rstar Design AUS